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Gigabit PoE (802.3af)


  • I've decoupled all of 8 gigabit ethernet conductors using 100nF ceramic capacitors and the link was still OK.
  • I've shorted + and - of 3 meters 100M ethernet pair through FT-50-61 toroid choke. For 4 and more windings it did not affected the link. When removing the winds the link quality was getting gradually worse.
  • I've put FT-50-61 toroid choke on + of the same pair and from 9-10 winds and up it prevented the ethernet from linking. When trying less winds the link quality was gradually better.
  • It's not good idea to use wire with 0.2mm diameter for more than 3A (too much voltage drop, too much heat). So probably 2A should be maximum.
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