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Supercapacitor experiments

Greencap 16V 83F (6x 2.7V 500F)

Each cap can handle 2.7V long term, 2.85V short term. Balancer starts discharging overcharged caps through 1 ohm power resistor once they overshoot 2.8 - 2.85 V.

Self discharge current is expected to stabilize at relatively low value after 100 hours of being charged.

  • Absorbtion current (initial)
  • Leakage current (constant)

Replacing lead acid battery with supercapacitor

  • UPS (replaced 12V 7Ah)
    • There is some inefficiency in conversion from 12VDC to 220VAC
    • UPS stops discharging at 10.2V (under load, which might translate to ~11V with no load)
    • 8W LED was running for over 5 minutes
    • 100W incadescent bulb was running for 30 seconds
  • Piaggio scooter (replaced 12V 10Ah AGM, immobiliser has 3mA idle current)
    • Charges to 14.4V (in ~1 minute)
    • After sitting for
      • 9 hours voltage drops to 12.2V (cranks up)
      • 15 hours voltage drops to 11.2V (cranks up)
      • 22 hours voltage drops to 10V (cranks up)
      • 34 hours voltage drops to 8.2V (cannot crank up)
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