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howto:electro:smd_beginners [2016/10/29 23:05] (aktuální)
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 +====== SMD for Beginners ======
 +Here is mirrored 1200dpi PCB template for simple SMD 555 led flasher ready for toner transfer:
 +I was mostly using 1206 footprints as most parts will fit this size and it's still posible to comfortably route between legs. 0805 is also quite universal if you design PCB.
 +For capacitors i've used "C 6032" footprint just because i've had some slightly bigger caps at the hand, but it can also take much smaller capacitors, when populated by hand.
 +Circuit is quite simple and it's meant just for learning of SMD soldering. It's basic 555 astable multivibrator with led and current limiting resistor:
 +{{ :​howto:​electro:​smd-blinker1.jpg }}
 +{{ :​howto:​electro:​smd-blinker2.jpg }}
 +{{ :​howto:​electro:​so8-dip-adapter.jpg }}
 +{{ :​howto:​electro:​so8-dip-adapter-555.jpg }}
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